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Audible devices, Speakers, Microphones,Ringers, Piezo, Circuit Protection Products: GDTs, MOVs, LED Shunt Protectors, Mini-Breakers, Resettable fuses, OBD II cables and Connectors, J1939 type 1 and type 2 Connectors and cable assemblies for truck tracking,Resetable Fuses, Power and TVS diodes,Encoders,SinglFuse, TBU & TCU High Speed Protectors, Thyristors, Telefuse, ChipGuard. Magnetics,Coils,Chokes,Micro Modules, Potentiometers, Switches, Modular Contacts, Wire Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, Over Molded Cable Assemblies, RF cables, PCB Assembly, Box Build, Micro Miniature Connectors, Mil 83513 Micro Ds, Miniature Circular Connectors,Hi Rel Connectors, Sheet Metal Fabrication & Machining, Powder Coating, Laser Cutting, Silk Screening, Contract Manufacturing, AC & DC Fans, CPU Coolers, Blowers, Fan Guards, Power Cords, Power Entry Modules, Hospital Grade Cord sets, Medical cable assembly,

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Assemblies,  Assembly,  Brackets,  Cabinets,  Cable,  Cable Assemblies,  Circuit Protection,  Clean Room,  Coils,  Connectors,  Contract Assembly,  Contract Manufacturing,  Controls,  Diodes,  EMS,  Enclosures,  Extrusions,  Fabrication,  Fans And Blowers,  Fiber Optics,  Flex Circuits,  Flow Measurements,  Heat sinks,  Inductors,  Metal Finishing,  Molded Parts,  Painting,  PC Boards,  Pick & Place,  Potentiometers,  Powder Coating,  Printed Electronics,  Resistors,  RF,  Rigid - Flex,  Sensors,  Sheet Metal,  Sterilization,  Surface Mount,  Switches,  Thermistors,  Transformers,  Transient Suppression,  Welding,  Wire & Cable, 

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Flow Sensors, GDTs, MOVs, LED Shunt Protectors, Mini-Breakers, Resettable Fuses, Power TVS, SinglFuse, TBU & TCU High Speed Protectors, Thyristors, Telefuse, ChipGuard. Diodes, Magnetic Products, Resistive Products, Sensors & Controls, Potentiometers, Switches, Modular contacts

OBDII and J1939 Cable assemblies for ELD, Heavy Vehicle Cables/ Asset Tracking/ Transportation Service Providers/ After market automotive applications/ Air Fuel tuners/ Engine ECU cables/ GPS Tracking. IE: OBD-II /J1962/ J1939 type 1 and 2, J1708/ JPOD / ELD / CAN-BUS.

Cable assemblies and harnesses. DDH offers a wide range of cost effective one-stop electronic manufacturing solutions including cable/wire harness assembly, printed circuit board assembly, and total box build/system integration.

Dutek offers full turnkey manufacturing solutions for Printed Circuit Board Assembly. Quality services include Surface Mount, Thru-Hole, Ball Grid Arrays, Mixed Technology, Rework/Repair, and testing.

Sheet Metal fabrication: 4 CNC punch presses, 2 Machining centers and 2 Laser Cutting machines. Robotic welding, TRUMP Punches and Lasers. In house Powder Coating and Silk Screening.

Connector manufacturer of USB type A 2.0 and 3.0. Type B 2.0 and 3.0. Type C , Micro B and Micro 3.0. We also manufacture D-sub connectors, Modular Jacks , 3.5mm Audio jacks, DC power plugs and Jacks, HDMI and Mini Dins. Plus a full complement of IP67 versions of RJ and USB connectors. We also manufacture custom USB cables

FAKRA Connectors and Cable assemblies. Miniature RF Connectors and Cable assemblies.

Fans: A/C and D/C voltages, Blowers, Custom Cooling modules, custom Fan Trays. Fan guards, filters. Complete Thermal management solutions.

Power Cords, Medical Cord Sets, IEC 320 Inlets and Custom Molded Computer Cables.

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